About Us

The musicians

Jessica Lombardozzi 

Singer/Pianist/Song Writer

Viktor Ahlgren

Guitarist/Synth/Song Writer/Producer



Our history

LACEI released their EP 11:11 in November of 2016 picking up attention from blogs such as All Things Go, Impose Magazine, The Music Ninja, Vents Magazine, Indie Minded, The Daily Listening, and more. 

Our sound

Jessica Lombardozzi’s autobiographical and vulnerable lyrics showcase her as part rebel and part escapist; a persona that shapes her genuinely fierce onstage presence that is in part defined by her signature sultry rasp. “Our live show is intense; we want it to be experiential, for the audience to feel a part of it with no barriers between us.”

Viktor Ahlgren, the track master and co-writer of the duo, hails from Jonkoping, Sweden and pulls from his influences including acts like Koan Sound, Bon Iver, The Neighbourhood, and Pink Floyd.